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EnergyBridge is focused on providing deep energy market and regulatory knowledge combined with practical leadership and operational experience to clients. Jo brings knowledge, energy and drive to deliver client's objectives with a combination of consulting, commercial and operational experience, underpinned by a financial background. 



Jo Butlin

Jo has over 25 years experience leading and operating energy businesses in the UK. Jo's experience is broad and deep and includes leading, operating and advising across retail, generation and flexibility markets.  She has led and worked with both new entrants, investors and large organisations in both operational and advisory roles. 

Jo's core expertise and experience includes:

- Qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive governance, assurance  and risk management experience

- Deep energy policy and regulatory knowledge 

- Broad competitive market insight, analysis and understanding

- Proven market entry expertise including channel development, brand development, organisational design & delivery

- Detailed understanding of market design, costs, risks, pricing and value creation  opportunities

- System development, implementation and migration experience

- Leadership, motivation and development of teams


Jo is a member of OFGEM's ESO Performance Panel, a member of ICAEW's Energy and Resources Group, a founder member of the Women's Utilities Network (WUN), a Board advisor for Maple Co Ltd and non executive Chair of The Energy Consortium.  She regularly speaks at Industry events and has featured on Radio 4's Moneybox Live programme.